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Saint Derma Pty Ltd is a skincare company that is determined to bring genuine high quality life products to people, through our continued pursuit of excellences. With international market in mind, we are sourcing most of our ingredients locally in Australia to showcase the best of our nature from down-under.

It is the rich soil, clean water and nourishing sunshine that make our ingredients grow and the power of nature that makes them so effective. We also need to be mindful of the resources we use, and minimise our impact on the earth.

Our Products

Pregnancy safe

Pregnancy safe

To our knowledge there is no risk associated with the use of/contact with any of the ingredients we use within our products during pregnancy.

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No animal testing

No Animal testing

None of our products are animal tested and we are also against animal testing.

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The truth about preservatives

The truth about Preservatives

Preservatives are used to prevent cosmetics from spoiling, without them you would most likely have to store your favourite products in the fridge.

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Intense Revitalizer Cream

The Intense Revitalizer Cream is part of the St Derma Cosmeceuticals range, exclusive products specially formulated using some of the most nourishing and regenerative ingredients to help compliment the delicate ageing process.

Features: Sulphate free, Paraben free, Lanolin free, Mineral oil free, Alcohol free, Artificial colour free, Artificial fragrance free and SLS free.

Aroma: Characteristic of essential oils.

Colour: Pale yellow.

Skin type: All skin types.

To use as is: Apply to the face and neck twice a day, morning and night. It is not recommended that you use the Anti Wrinkle Face Cream and the Face Serum together.



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